Trying to run Essential Oils via Remote. Was going to use Healing JW. "Essential Oil - Frankincense 147MHz. Use damped wave, or for simple waves set X to 5." Can someone tell me in plain English step by step how I'm supposed to set this up?

There is a thread on the user forum that goes into great specific detail with pictures. I'll link it and
then try to condense it here for you. I will not cover the harmonic method here, just the basic method.

First the link:

Next a quick summary:

Take the shell preset you have selected and make the following changes after you have added the essential oils you wish to run:

On the Generator Settings Tab, change the waveform to sine wave if you want. Essential Oils being very high frequencies will lend themselves well to the sine wave.

Whatever waveform you have selected, follow the line to the right past the graphical representation of the waveform. The very next field is labeled X, just before the Length Ratio. This is the wave cycle multiplier parameter.

By default it is set to 1 for most waveforms, 8 for damped, and 16 (fixed) for the h bombs.

Set this parameter to 5 for the waveform you have in use.

Load to the generator and run. Note that the frequency of the generator will be 1/5th the frequency that Spooky2 is showing you. This is expected and correct.

For more details, please check the link:

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