Are you able to explain why a gate of .1 is beneficial for Golden Ratio Contact Preset?

1. I normally use a slow refresh rate when I use sweeps. I much prefer the sweeps to be "stepped", stopping for a few seconds before going to the next step. The same thing for wobbles or harmonics.
If you are not using sweeps or wobbles (and you haven't ticked the gate boxes), then this setting produces no effect, except for the dwell counter.

BTW, a couple of versions ago, you were able to use a gate value of 0.01. This has recently changed, and the lower value is now 0.1. Maybe John W would consider to allow a lower value, as it was before, because this adds a lot more of flexibility when doing sweeps (and I do a lot).

2. When we specify the gate rate, we also are setting what is called the refresh rate. The refresh rate is twice the value of the gate. This essentially sets up the speed that Spooky2 will send updates to the generator which influences the rate of sweeps and wobbles, and is effective even if the gate is not being used.

So for instance, a gate rate of 4 Hz would mean that it would turn the output on and off 4 times a second. To do this, we need 8 commands a second, thus our refresh rate is 8 Hz. If we don't use the gate, but apply a 7 stage wobble, each update to the frequency to implement the wobble will happen 8 times a second.

If you want it to go slower, you would use a lower value for the gate. In prior versions of Spooky2, you would specify the refresh rate and the gate was derived from this on a global level. However, now that you can specify on a per generator basis, the logic is reversed.

For more details, please check the link:

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