How do you test the contact output on the Central?

1. If you plug in the PEMF coil and turn the contact port on, and can hear a buzz on the PEMF coil, this is a good sign the contact mode port is functional as they both share some components. Thus if the contact mode port fails, there is a high likelihood that the PEMF coil will also not be operational.

If you can not hear the PEMF coil when held close to the ear, try placing the coil on top of a metal surface. The coil should resonate louder.

If you have a multi-meter and require further verification, I believe there is a procedure that Spooky2 Support can guide you through to verify that contact mode is operational by testing various components.

For more details, please check the link:

2. You may connect the Coil to the SC to test with a portable radio:

Spooky2 Hardware: Checking Spooky PEMF Coil Using A Radio (John White)

For more details, please check the link:

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