If I only change the waveform for Preset-5M Holland 11th F2 Method (C) to sine wave or H-Bomb Sine, does that make it a healing setting?

1. It wouldn't necessarily change it into a healing setting. However, it would lend itself to healing modalities better than how it is configured.

The 11th harmonic doesn't really lend itself well to healing modalities as it is.

Also, it is the frequency that governs whether it is a healing modality or a killing modality. The waveform just either adds or detracts for the frequency's ability to do work.

The sine wave would only produce the fundamental frequency, no harmonics, and is awesome at entraining because of this -- requires that the frequency in use is accurate for the issue as you won't have harmonics playing a role.

The h-bomb is based on the square wave which lends itself well to both modalities and produces odd harmonics.

The inverted sawtooth that is configured by default produces both odd and even harmonics and is abrupt in its transition state from cycle to cycle. It lends itself well to killing modalities.

2. There's a fundamental difference between killing and healing. In simplified terms, killing frequencies break a pathogen or parasite apart. Healing frequencies entrain rather than break.

Jeff is spot on here. But I'd just add this:

Entrainment is defined as the automatic synchronization of two vibrating objects that have the same natural frequency. Healthy organs and body systems have set natural frequencies, and when you run support/healing programs, Spooky2 delivers these.

The effect is to synchronize an unhealthy organ/body system with the program's healthy frequencies. Unhealthy frequencies are lower than healthy ones.

This process requires the unmodified healthy frequencies. One Forum Member tried using the 3rd harmonic for healing over a prolonged period. It produced nothing of worth.

So healing is entrainment. And entrainment requires a single frequency with no modulations applied.

The Holland 11th Harmonic is for destruction only, not for healing. Changing the waveform won't affect the laws of physics or biology.

For more details, please check the link:

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