It says that audio frequencies by themselves won't kill stuff - you must combine them with a static carrier wave to produce sidebands to hit the MOR of your target microbe. I want to use Rife's carcinoma freq. 2128 and a fixed carrier of 3.3mhz.

Here you can find how to do it:

You have to create a program with only the freq 2128. (Please refer to the user's guide, p111)
I have used F2=F1x1550.7519Hz and Modulate F2 using F1 (AM DSB)
That number comes from 3,300,000 divided by 2128. So what you get is a freq F2 that is 1550.7519 times F1 (2128) modulated to F1 (2128), so you get a freq of 3,300,000Hz modulated to 2128Hz.

The settings are for contact mode. I have marked the Swap Waveforms every 60 seconds, so every minute the polarity changes to prevent burning.
I never use gating with modulation, but that's me.
I have used an amplitude wobble of 20%. That means that the amplitude will wobble from 16V to 20V continuously.

I have used (almost always do) a 0.025% freq wobble. That means that the freq will wobble from 2127.468 to 2128.532Hz to deal with tissue diffraction. You can deactivate this feature if you wish.
Please, see if the amplitude of 20V matches your preferences.
You can use the boost cable, and the voltage would be doubled, or use only one Out.

I also included all this as a preset. Copy it to your \Spooky2\Preset Collections\User folder and it will be available from the User preset collection in the Preset tab.
MM_3300000 modulated to 2128.txt

As the carrier is related to the freq, if you change the freq, then you have to change also the carrier, so you need to create a preset like this for every modulated freq you want to run.

For more details, please check the link:

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