Is there any way to restart/resume the program in the middle if it gets interrupted?

It is easy to resume a program in the August software versions. Next to the start button is a slim gray button. It will resume at the last step that was done. pg. 113 of 2/August Manual.

Alternatively if you have older s/w you can look in the channel window and see what STEP you are up to (edit box under Dwell) and take a note of that; and navigate back to that step yourself.

For more details, please check the blog:

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    Steve Hernandez

    Hi Echo: Could you please show how this is done for the Terrain (R) in the Oct 9, 2016 software version? :-) Thanks!

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    While in middle of Terrain Detox remote, on XM Generator, I had an error and had to reinstall the software a couple of times. Now I'm thankfully back in action, but newly installed it's starting from Metals at the beginning, with of course no record of my previous use. Is there any way I can move up on this new chain to the preset of 9, blood purification, that I'd reached on the uninstalled program? Or do I have to go through the whole chain again?

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