I seem to recall reading something about wifi routers & modem interfering with Spooky2. I want to move my laptop and generators to the same enclosed armoire that my router is in. Is this ok? Would a battery back up help?

It should not be a problem having both your wifi equip and spooky equip on the same outlet. As I recall the standard house is wired at 120v. So an outlet would be able to handle up to 110v worth of equip. The router, modem and spooky xm are all like under 10v like 5v I think. Therefore a single outlet should be able to handle something like 24 spooky xms.

You should not need to have a second surge protector unless you run out of available plugs on it. You can always use another regular extension cord to give you more open plugs.

Yes having a battery backup for your spooky equip would be a good idea, you can even put your router and modem on it. You should only need a basic one ~$50. But it is a good idea to have one when you think about it. Each xm, boost plus remote cost ~$170. So for $50 your protecting $320 (two xm+) not including all the future xms you buy.

I think you should read the warranty that comes with the battery backup or surge protectors. As I understand it they will protect you from brownouts and power surges, but not from lighting strikes. Lighting strikes are way too powerful to stop.

As far as the spooky equip interfering with other equip I think that was only with the spooky central unit.

As far as the lights on equip bothering you at night, I understand that. I would just take some black tape and put a small piece of it on the lights themselves for the laptop and see how that works. But you don't need the spooky equip in your bedroom, it will be just fine in the armoire.

As far as air circulation goes the xms won't need much at all. It is the laptop that will need the most. So pair the fan with the laptop.

For more details, please check the link:

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  • i had similar issues. just followed a simple guide on latest routers and it helped me. anyways, its not there now I think. maybe I'll read this one.


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