How could my Vielight intranasal light therapy device be adapted to the Spooky XM generator? The model 810 runs with an 810nm LED at a 10Hz pulse (50% duty cycle) at 13 mW/cm2 power.

Judging by it's power output I can guess that nasal probe contains 5mm dia IR LED. To use with Spooky2, you'd need to make an adapter from 3.5mm into BNC so it can be plugged to the generator. I would start with low amplitude, such as 3V since IR LEDs work in range from 1.6V - 1.8V. It is hard to compare the brightness since IR beam is barely visible.

Also, search eBay for 10mm dia 660nm red and 850nm IR 1W round top LEDs (there are also straw hat types but not comfortable to stick in the nose. Their actual power is about 0.6W at 2.2V (2.0-2.4V working range). They cost just over 1$ a piece.

I use them in handheld pointers where they're driven from power supply but XM generator can drive them however, not at full power.

You can actually use one of the cables which came with Spooky set (BNC - alligator for hand electrodes or foot baths) and connect clips to the diode terminals. The longer one should be connected to the red alligator clip. Set the amplitude at 20V and duty cycle at 50% square wave.

I posted some of my experimental programs in Spectrochrome thread. Focus on those which relates to inflammation, particularly 292. They all have short description. Due to the power limitation of XM generator you can use only one LED and treat one nasal passage at the time. Session don't have to take more than 10 min but can be repeated many times per day. I mainly used 660nm red and got some IR's but didn't have time to make pointers with them yet.

The only parameter which changes with wavelength (color) is their max. working voltage. IR are the lowest - under 2V followed by red - 2.0 - 2.4V and blue/green yellow which require around 3V or slightly above. There is also max. working current which shouldn't exceed 20mA for the little 5mm guys but it can be higher in case of those I have mentioned - 230mA or 350mA and 750mA for surface mounted 1W and 3W LED chips.

In case of your device and most of the other ones using photon transmission (rather than electron, like in contact or galvanic mode) light frequency serves as a carrier for secondary frequency. Your device uses 10Hz which is Alpha region of our brain waves. This process can be referred to as a brain wave entrainment or stimulation using photon carrier and optical sensory input. Just a fancy term for inducing electric signals via optic nerve stimulation.

For more details, please check the link:

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