If I decided to go with a Spooky2 Central with the Advanced Kit for Cancer, how much electrical power will I need in the room? Will the power need to be on a separate circuit from other electrical components that are in the room?

I have a Dell Latitude E5540 Laptop hooked to a single Spooky2 XM Generator and that is hooked up to the Spooky Central unit along with the plasma tube.

With everything turned on and actively running, I use anywhere from 65-75 watts total. This is measured with a Kill-A-Watt meter. Living off-grid I am very mindful of all electrical loads in the house and the entire Spooky system is very energy friendly in my opinion. One standard 110-120 volt outlet should be fine, and I do not have mine on a separate circuit. The other circuit that shares the Spooky outlet is a cctv system and it is unaffected by the Spooky system.

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