How do I add a carrier?

For Spooky Central:
To use a fixed carrier (for this example, let's use 3100000):
First choose the preset "JW - Spooky Central"
Connect Out2 to INPUT, Out1 to MODULATION (reverse from normal usage)
Set Frequency Limits to > 0 < 0
Set Out 2 = (Out 1 X 0) + 3100000

For Char Boehm's DNA frequencies, you don't need a carrier, as her frequencies are in the megahertz range. You can use the "JW - Spooky Central" preset with the normal wiring of INPUT and MODULATION.

For contact mode:
1. Please see page 57 of the August User's Guide where David B has a sample screenshot. You might want to read the succeeding pages too on the subject.

2. That method for adding a dynamic carrier is not among my favorites, just because you are never going to know what the exact factor will be. In you example, it is 512, but if Out1 freq changes slightly, the resulting factor could be a totally different one, so, in the same treatment you could have a great interval of multiplying factors, which I don't like. I prefer a dynamic carrier as a constant during all the treatment. You can do that in the Out2 Control panel by typing Out2=Out1x512+0Hz (or whatever factor you like). But this is only my opinion.

Also, since the new boxes for applying the freq limits to Out1 and/or Out2 appeared, you can select inv+sync, and have different freqs in both Outs.

In this case, as the freqs are multiples (Out2=512xOut1), they can be in sync. Not all the time, but their cycles will match every 512 cycles (and it's divisors). Inv+sync was implemented to be used with a boost device, to double the amplitude by mixing together the waves in a special way, but if the waves only match every 512 cycles, the effect of this addition is not going to double the voltage unless the waveforms are, precisely just in the matching cycle, so you're not going to get any raising in the global amplitude of the treatment. Only a double amplitude peak every 512 cycles (and it's divisors).

However, if you choose Follow Out1, what you're going to get is very similar. The two waveforms will match every 512 cycles, and the matching cycle will experiment a cancellation, so no amplitude at all, but the other 511 cycles won't be canceled but its amplitude won't be raised either.

Please check the blog of how to add a dynamic carrier for contact mode:

For more details, please check the link:

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