Can I use Spooky2 to program Out1 and Out2 on my XM generator independently? Can they output 2 different frequencies?

I'll assume you want to run a separate remote on Out1 and Out2.

It is possible to send a different frequency to Out1 and Out2 with the same settings by using a combination of a programmed frequency for Out1 along with the Out2 formula.

The general idea is that this generator setting is used: Out2 = Out1 x f + c Hz { where f = 0 and c is the frequency we want to play on out2 }
This is only good for a single Out2 frequency; but still useful.

If I use File | Create Program to make a custom program I can specify a series of frequencies.
7.83F0C7.84,10C12 yields (7.83 on ou1 and 7.84 on out2) and then (10 on Out1 and 12 on out2)

Bryan made a tool that allows simpler creation of these programs here:

If you want more info then Page 113 of the user manual lists the available commands for Program sets.

Here is the video to tell you how to operate in details:

For more details, please check the link:

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