What to do if the generators get stuck (freeze) when using plasma.

It means the generator has lost communication with Spooky2 software.

If you are using a Spooky2 Central, electrical noise may be causing the problem.

1. Make sure the white high voltage wires, plasma tube and Spooky Central are as far from the generator and its power supply as possible. If either the high voltage cable of the tube or the tube itself is close to the power supply (or power supply wires) of the generator, the generator may easily lock up.

2. The cable from the 5v power adapter acts as an aerial, picking up the signals from Spooky Central. Please ensure the adapter is plugged into a different mains socket outlet.

3. Use a generator with P/N number starting from 2417.

4. Use the special USB and BNC filter cables provided with your Spooky2 Central. If you do not have the BNC filter cables, they can be purchased from www.spooky2-mall.com.

5. A lot of powered USB hubs have very bad power supplies. And it can cause problems.





6. First, follow the instructions given in this post by Bryan:

Just to make sure the phantom ports are not the problem.

Then, if the problem persists, disconnect all the generators from the USB hub. Disconnect also the USB hub, and connect generators one by one until the problem starts again. This is to discard issues with the USB hub itself, and with the generators or cables associated.

7. I've been having the same problem with one GX after using the Phanotron. I solve it by turning off the generator, removing and reconnecting the USB cable, and then turning the generator back on.

For more details, please check the link from:

8. The separate generator from the computer also separates plugin for central the plasma can disrupt signal on both.

9. Getting multiple generators running Spooky2 Remote on a computer that is also doing plasma treatments at the same time is difficult, but possible. Putting as much distance from the non-plasma generator to the Central/Plasma is necessary. You can also get the USB cables for all the generators with the metal donut/ferrite cores. What I do is I have 2 spooky setups. One in my shed, with all my generators with remotes hooked up to a laptop, and my Central in the house on a different laptop. This configuration has zero issues, as long as the power is on different circuits (which in most houses it would be).

10. We have our entire rig in one room but have isolated the power source of both the Central and its corresponding generator. And until we connected our Central to a GX as opposed to one of the XMs, we usually had to also pause all remotes during a plasma session. Connecting Central to GX has done away with the latter problem.

For more details, please check the link:

If you are not using Spooky2 Central, it is possible the USB connection is loose, try to turn off and start everything again. If it doesn't work, try to change to another USB cable. Please connect the XMs directly. You could try with wifi disconnected and Bitdefender stopped. You can stop some background programs with Task Manager.

The power supply of generator has a slight fluctuation which was disrupting the signals, so please move it over to our other house (we have two).

Or it is possible your USB is set to dormancy after a while:
Please set it not to dormancy in your PC:
1. Go into device manager (right-click "My Computer", select "Properties")
2. Find the section labeled "Universal Serial Bus controllers" and expand it out
3. Find USB Root Hubs (there may be at least 3 listed)
4. Right-click on one and select properties
5. Go to the "Power Management" Tab
6. Ensure that the checkbox labeled "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" is unchecked and then click OK
7. Repeat steps 4 - 6 for all remaining Root Hubs
8. Reboot
9. Try connecting again and see if the problem persists
If it still does not work, it is possible the USB port on the generator is loose, please try to feel it and see whether it is loose.
If it is loose, please contact our service department for after-sale service.

10. The problem you are experiencing is that the generator is locking up. This means that at some point you were only sending in one static frequency, and hence why it also stays on when you try and stop it.

You will need to resolve the interference issue. Just spreading it out as far as possible is not working for you.

Tips that have been suggested in the past for this is to eliminate unnecessary wires. Energy can leak into your computer from a mouse and keyboard even. These wires are needed obviously, but if you have webcams, etc plugged in, unplug them.

Then make sure as Per mentioned above, that all your generators are using the filtered USB cables.

Wire the filtered BNC cables between the gen and the Spooky2 Central so that the filters are closest to the generator and not the Spooky2 Central if this applies to you.

Ensure no cable crosses each other, especially the high voltage white lines that run to the plasma tube. Check the back of the Spooky2 Central and make sure they don't cross there as well at the connection point. Make the bottom go right and the top goes left for instance.

The high voltage lines (white) need to be laid out gracefully. Ensure that they make smooth bends and do not coil or cross even themselves in a loop. If you have them run parallel to each other, try to put as much distance between them as possible. 1 inch apart may still be too close.

If you have any loops, try switching their orientation by 90 degrees.

The granite tray will not do anything to help in this case. It's pretty transparent to the energies involved.

Try plugging the Spooky2 Central into a different outlet than where the computer is plugged into.

The computer that is being used may have poor shielding on the case and a bad ground and maybe a magnet for the plasma energy and it may be the source of the issue. Some laptops have touchpads that are not well shielded and draw energy into the system readily.

This is not a problem that has a simple answer unfortunately and will require someone to take time to isolate the variable that is causing you the issue. This may require a lot of starts, lockups, changing something, rebooting, power cycling, etc.

I hope that the first thing you try works, for instance maybe just changing the orientation of the plasma tube 90 degrees to the setup will be all that it takes.

11. Most of the time my Spooky2 Central does not interfere with my setup or my other equipment. However, there has been a few days where no matter what I do, it causes everything to lockup somewhere between 30 seconds to 2 hours after starting -- especially with the overnight sweeps. Sometimes all it takes is a reset and another try, other times I find that I'm just not going to get any SC time in. I have not isolated the variable that causes this to happen, especially since it has only happened 3 times so far. On the worst of these 3 days, I reset my system some 15 times before I gave up. Resetting 9 generators is no fun.

I found on one of these days, that I was able to operate the Spooky2 Central if I left the other 8 generators offline. On the worst day, it didn't matter. I tried relocating the tube to no avail.

In hindsight, I believe there may have been some residual energy in one of the wires, even though I did a full power down and drain a few times -- perhaps I didn't do it long enough.

I have also knocked out my wireless audio system once, which has speakers in various locations of the house. The closet one which was affected and taken offline is about 20 feet away.

I found the gate made the difference. Prior to using a gate, I had no issues. With the gate, it seems to be much more potent. I can pick up the pulses of the gate all over my house with a Trifield Natural EM Meter.

With that said, I have no way to determine by your description if you have isolated and separated your equipment enough to prevent interference issues completely. The interference could be leaking into your PC via a wired mouse for instance.

It may also depend on the frequency being transmitted. With the MOPA system, I can turn on some touch lamps when using 2.9 Mhz for example. Other frequencies can turn off the TV.

Not sure how useful that is; but interesting effect. Fortunately, or unfortunately, I don't have neighbors too close!

If you have abundant supplies of kitchen tin foil, you could try wrapping some of the wires with a couple of layers; USB, etc., and/or make a box over XM generator.

For more details, please check the link:

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  • Thank you:-) The support team really rocks. 

  • Hello Echo,

    In your explanation you state, "the power supply of generator has a slight fluctuation which was disrupting the signals, so please move it over to our other house (we have two)." I would appreciate it if you would clarify what you mean by "our other house". Thank you.

  • I have been looking to buy the Spooky2 etc, am a complete novice, so tried to have an on line 'Chat' , but there was no way to send the message. 

    Is the X-m and the 5-m the same model?

    Carole Josshua

  • Carole Joshua. How do you send ones on line chat message?


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