hey everyone, are any of these devices truly able to be used on the go or do they all require a computer handy? I see there are portable ones, but how portable are they truly ?

For using Xm generator you need always connect with computer, for GX pro, you can use it to connect with computer, or load the related presets/programs into GX pro and use it standalone. And Spooky2 Remote allows for remote treatment, only your DNA is needed, which is very convenient. You don't have to stay in the same room or country with the device. You can even get treatment while traveling. To use GX Pro and Remote, we highly recommend Spooky2 Portable GeneratorX Pro Remote Kit

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1. If you could give an idea of what you mean by portable, it'd be easier to get specific replies.

I have a GenX Pro. We need the computer to load programs etc onto it, but at that point, I easily grab it and take it to a different room in the house if I want to. It's light and easy to carry. Weather permitting I could absolutely easily take it out in the back garden etc. For travelling, I could easily pack it into its case. You can load up to 30 programs onto it and use it without the computer.
2. WHY NOT USE IT ON REMOTE SETTING USING A FINGER NAIL. I have a self healing device that uses Spooky 2 frequencies as well as other healing frequencies. All self contaned no internet or wifi connection needed wear it take it with you to work shopping on vaction or visiting you never know when you need to run one or a few of the self healing frequencies headaches pain cramps bug bites organs kids pets seniors 1000 frequencies loaded to use whenever you need them sub frequecies and there are thousands of them. I know a lady who bought one after I told her about it and she uses this in her bio feed back clinic to run frequencies rather then set up and use her 22K computor and scalar equipment she says its faster and people feel/get results the same as her expensive set up. Run your Spooky 2 on remote then you can do errands without being stuck at home.
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