Do you mind sharing your unbiased real Rife success story? Evidence?

1. I’m still in the middle of working on Lyme, but have seen multiple small successes. The biggest for me: I was at the point of severe bloating and cramping every time I ate, to the point that I was only eating one small meal a day and dreading it. After running hunt and kill overnight, I have not had that severe of a food reaction since. I don’t dread eating now.

2. I need to get evidence from my dentist but I’ve kept my teeth 3 years longer then they said I would. Lol

I do not have the technical terms but my dentist told me I had some cellular issue and would need dentures within a year.
I did change diet and toothpaste but ran the frequency biofeedback back told me to run.
My lower molar was loose and I had a black hole (pencil head size) and pain. Now the hole and pain is gone and it no longer loose.
3. By running low power terrain on the lowest level, my adrenals/liver started converting my thyroid medication properly. I reduced my t3 medication by approx 50%. I can’t wait to get full conversion by running higher levels of terrain. I also run heal adrenal normalization freq 1335 and it works well.
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  • Hi. For the thyroid issue, which program did you run and for how long before you saw results? If the hormones are working fine but there are nodules, can I run the same program? And upto what size of the nodules does it work?


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