What to buy for family treatment?

Spooky2 Remote is highly recommended.

Spooky2 Remote applies soothing frequencies at any distance using the recipient’s DNA. Modern physicists named it “Quantum Entanglement.” To put it simply, it means that if any part of a single system is removed from that system to a different location, any action performed on the part will also be instantaneously performed on the parent system and vice versa.
Remote Mode can fit perfectly into your busy lifestyle. When using Spooky2 Remote, you don’t have to be in the same room or in the same country. Only your DNA is needed.
So yes, we can use family member's DNA samples to run programs for them.
For DNA samples, You should get nail DNA as it is stable and encased in keratin plus lasts months. It can be felt anywhere in the world.
If people share the same disease, you can run the same program on these people via remote mode using only one generator. 
For different diseases, the number of diseases you want to treat decides how many generators you need.

For example, you are treating two people with different diseases. Of course, you will need two different programs. To run the programs, you will need two separate generators. We recommend using XM Essential Kit or GeneratorX Pro Essential Kit. Both are enough for treating two diseases at the same time.

On this basis, if you want to help more people, you can buy extra XM remote kits for your existing gear. One more person, one more generator.

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