Currently I am experimenting with the Spooky2 videos freely available on YouTube. Are these the same as I would experience if I had my own software etc?

1. The audio frequencies are not the same as having generators. Some have success with minor issues listening to them. For most folks they prefer having a generator.

2.A lot depends on the condition(s) you would like to treat. My husband and I sleep in the scalar field every night for overall health and healing. I run environmental frequency sweeps on the GenX Pro regularly for household issues, along with Detox and other healing frequencies for us and our pets. I find the plasma is the most effective for killing, Lyme, parasites etc. 

3. I started listening on YouTube as well. I am now using a Gen X-Pro with remote and tens pads. It’s much much more intense.

I learned how to refine the ‘biofeedback’ settings and am amazed by the “pings” that came back. spot on with most of the health issues I am fighting.
I’m running the kill program on the biofeedback concurrent with terrain detox. It’s amazing!! I’m coughing up so much old phlegm. My inflammation is reducing to a point that my pants are sliding down. My balance, strength and brain fog is better. I’m so hopeful!
This definitely didn’t happen with the audio on YouTube but it was a nice start.
For more details, please check this link:
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