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What can I do to reduce herx reaction?

1. I recommend the "RX Herxheimer - DB" Preset from the Morgellons and Lyme Presets...

If it is really a flu, which is also a possibility, the best I can suggest is to find programs that fit the symptoms - and possibly grade the programs to find what you are most responsive to.

2. I turn it off all. I try to schedule down time as well, but usually forget to.

I should clarify by what I mean, when I get to the point that the detox and support programs feel like they may be the source of my malaise.

Sometimes we feel bad due to over exposure. Generally I may only have one of these incidents every 9 to 12 months.

It was not clear if you were also still running some form of detox/support on a dedicated generator.

After terrain is done, it is wise to continue to run some form of detox/support on a generator while your other generators perform other programs.

If you do not have any detox/support programs in mind, I suggest the following:

\Morgellons and Lyme\Morgellons and Lyme v3.0\Remote\ALL Maintenance (R) - DB

Furthermore, since you are feeling the way you are, which are classic signs of a herx, you may wish to at least for the time being turn off the programs you listed above.

Sinus is a killing modality, Eyesight (if my preset) has some killing frequencies, and immune system stimulation may be increasing the rate at which your body naturally eliminates pathogens.

While the detox support program is running, you can try adding this on a second generator till your herx like reactions are gone:

\Morgellons and Lyme\Morgellons and Lyme v3.0\Remote\RX Herxheimer - DB

Once you are ready to resume, keep the ALL Maintenance (R) - DB or similar running on a generator as you run other programs.

3. From my general experience as a body therapist, I know that you can have too much of almost anything. Your body will take its own time regardless of what your intellectual conscious mind wants it to do. The subconscious mind knows best and that is where the body-mind communication mostly takes place. Listen and take a break - if that is what you are thinking consciously then it is probably correct.

I am in my first week of using a Spooky so cannot claim knowledge. I was running a list based on my first scan and then one I built from some of the dental programs. After a few days I felt a 'cold' type symptoms - it could have been just that or a reaction. I stopped all for a day and then began running the 'Immune System Stimulation (R)-JK' which I thought would help my body healing and eliminating. That has certainly made a difference to those symptoms, it has been running for about 39 hours now and I plan to stop it when this cycle reaches 100%. When I go to sleep tonight I will probably put the dental program on again and see what happens.

4. When you detox, if you don't drink enough water the toxins just float around looking for a new place to live and they will cause you discomfort. Drink, drink, drink and drink more water.

5. For me, a herx reaction is 'flu-like' but not getting sick. It is mildly achy and very run down feeling. I am not susceptible to nausea so that is never a symptom for me. I am somewhat "hardcore" so in the past I have powered through whatever I was doing to cause the herx and the herx lasted for a week. I would say that it's important to know your body to determine if what you are doing is
A) detrimental/counterproductive
B) causing a natural healing reaction/ herx
C) lowering your immune system enough to make you susceptible to local 'plagues'.

6. The blood cleansing/purifying sets look good (I *think* they worked for me during a massive killing session, but I was also doing CEs and taking activated charcoal)...also supporting liver, kidneys & lymphatic systems is a goodness. Speaking of activated charcoal, activated slurries are your friend (1 tsp of charcoal into 8oz of water or water/juice mix). Dosage ranges from 1-12 teaspoons of charcoal daily, depending on need and desired level of detoxification). Activated charcoal tablets are not *nearly* as effective.

No affiliation here (other than being a long-term buyer), but this is the best price we've ever found on activated charcoal powder: http://www.abnat.com/activated-charcoal-powder.htm

7. I would not worry too much about herxing if I were you. After 50 years of junk food, i changed for green smoothies, green juices, coffee enemas and liver cleansing. Am day 8 of terrain protocol and not herx at all.

8. Have longer breaks in between therapy sessions. Pause and resume treatment when you feel better. Detox body more slowly by using Remote mode. In some cases when using Remote you may need to reduce Amplitude (Volts) in Settings Tab.

9. Use Bentonite or Zeolith some Days before your Detox Session. These will absorb the Toxins and you shall have no or a lesser Herx reaction.

For more details, please check the link from:

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