When using a Holland 11th Harmonic (Remote/Contact), which is explained 3 ways to do that: add F1 to F2, modulating and using output shadowing. Is it not matter what kind of set I chose to do that, or some of them are better for healing and other for kill

To help clarify the use of the term Harmonics:

We can add harmonics like the 11th to a frequency. We also generate odd harmonics through the use of a square wave (3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 11th, 13th, etc.).

A harmonic is a frequency that has a relationship to another using certain rules.

In music, if two notes are harmonically related, they sound good together.

A major chord in music for instance is usually composed of the 1st, 3rd and 5th.

If they are not harmonics of each other, it sounds bad -- dissonant.

When we transpose frequencies to a higher #, we are not adding a harmonic. Instead we are using a higher frequency that is a harmonic of the original frequency.

For killing this works, as if the harmonic is correct, it will still invoke resonance with the target.

For a guide tone, a healing frequency, this may not work as well, as we have changed the target. Resonance will still be there, but it is not at the same rate.

When we talk about a healing modality, we are specifically referring to entrainment.

Entrainment only really works if you have a single guide tone you wish to entrain to.

Use of wobbles, harmonics, etc., only detracts from this guide tone.

This is why the 11th is not recommended for true healing modalities.

Some sets have a blend of frequencies, a guide tone mixed in with MORs. In this case, if you used something like the 11th, you would potentially increase the efficacy of the devitalizing frequencies. However, you may reduce the efficacy of the entrainment frequencies. This may be acceptable, and is also why one should try both approaches with enough time invested in each, to determine which worked better.

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