Does anyone know how to convert Mhz to Hz frequencies?

1. Spooky can run frequencies up to 25MHz, but the Settings need to be proper to get it right. If you choose one of the Essential Oil Shell Presets, the frequencies should run fine within them - as they are for frequencies up to 320MHz.

The easiest way to "convert" any frequency down is to start dividing it to make it smaller. Exactly what the frequency is and what range you want it in is important to know what the best approach is though.

2.You just need to create a custom set with the original frequency you got from him, select harmonic type 8x or Octave and use the MM_InvSawtooth Harmonic. It will transmit harmonics up till the 128th harmonic (128 times more high than the fundamental frequency.) The software will convert the fundamental to the generator limit, but several harmonics will hit very high, so that can go high enough to hit what you need, this waveform is very powerful, avoid to much herxing if you feel some. Max amplitude 10v with inv+sync

For more details, please check the link:

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    MHz - Mega means "Million"

    5 MHz is 5 Million Hz.- 5,000,000 Hz


    KHz - Kilo means Thousand

    5 kHz is 5 Thousand Hz - 5,000 Hz


    My Spooky2 goes up to 5 MHz

    My older UD-B goes up to 8 Mhz.


    I verified both using my O'Scope.


    Stan P.

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