What can be run for detoxing someone who has been a welder/machinist?

1. Run Terrain protocol: Presets -> Detox -> Read "Guide Detox Click Me.pdf
If he has amalgam fillings omit the Mercury detox part.
Presets -> Detox -> Remote -> Terrain-Mercury (C) - BY

Make a preset using Tachycardia (CAFL) & Tachycardia (KHZ) for fast heart beat.


"With enhanced ability to sweat, detoxification is facilitated, which can ultimately result in clinical improvement."

Sweat it out. Not a high tech method like Spooky but it works and also takes more effort and time so, many people don't utilize it.
It takes my IR sauna time to heat up, time to sweat it out and time to clean it up after, time to cool down, and time to shower after so, maybe 2 hours are required.

If organs are too damaged from the welding toxins, they may no longer be able to Detox "naturally" so, Sweating might be more effective, than even Spooky for, if frequencies "liberate" the chemicals out of the cells, they won't miraculously vanish, the body will still need to deal with elimination.

So, not just sweating but, coffee enemas might be ,not just useful but, mandatory if the organs are too weak and trashed.

3. My friend who detoxed from "Welders Fever" developed symptoms from one days activity where he did not have enough ventilation, so the fast detox procedure was not an issue. If this is a progressive build up over a long time, you will want to take a more modest approach. For one, heavy metals are not going to detox fast, compared to other detox issues anyway, it is going to take time. They are difficult to get out of the system. You still will want to incorporate binders into the diet to prevent re absorption of the toxic metals that have been released. Diotomacious Earth (DE), Bentonite clay, Apple pectin powder, and Chlorella are all good binders that will grab onto the heavy metals released and remove them from the body.

For more details, please check the link:

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