I have an Africanized bee hive in the wall of my garage. They are accessing it from an outside wall. I was wondering if anyone could recommend how I could use my Spooky Central to get rid of them.

1. These bees are very dangerous to your family and anyone close to them. Call a professional to handle the problem. You cannot take a chance with disturbing them and seriously stinging anyone.

2. I would definitely call a bee expert because if this hive is indeed "africanized", it may pose a threat to other surrounding bee colonies. An expert would do the best thing for all of the bees. 
If you want to use Spooky for insect control, you should probably stick to something a little less dangerous. You have no way of knowing how big the hive in the wall is. You don't want to waste time and allow that thing to get ginormous. And think about what you were saying about "closing up the access". How where you going to do that without disturbing them? What if the hive inside the wall *is* (already) really big. 

Just get the bee expert. You can Spooky bees another time.

3. Bee-keeping is one of my hobbies so I have been around them all my life.
You said they are africanized. Is this just an assumption? You actually have to catch one and compare with others in order to determine what species it is as all bees look almost alike. Either way, all bees are dangerous if they are disturbed. Africanized are a little more offensive. Just like other members suggested, you need to contact an expert. Look for beekeeping supply store in your area, call them and they will tell you who to contact.

Trying to use insecticides to kill them will be very dangerous as bees are strong insect and they don't just drop dead when sprayed with such chemicals. For the time being stay away from them.

For more details, please check the link:

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