While running a Spooky Program, is it okay to use the PC for something else at the same time? Like go on the Forum or check mail?

1. Personally I don’t like any computer that I am using on my health to be connected online. The fear of intrusion to mess with my settings keeps my stuff isolated.

2. This is a personal choice, like everything else in life... I keep the majority of my Rife life on an isolated computer.

However, I keep one generator connected to my main computer that I use for some short-term use, like scans, running Central, other movement, etc....

Since I only have two computers, this makes sense to me, but if I leave something running when I'm not at the computer, I typically disconnect the wire, so Internet is disconnected. Probably an overkill, but I like to think "Safety First".

For more details, please check the link:

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