Why does GenX display occasionally flicker/dim rapidly once in a while?

Check errors tab for generator errors. If no errors reported during operation of GenX then suspect a problem with the display board.

GenX runs pretty warm so electrolytic capacitors tend to fail over time. Sometimes they go open circuit or sometimes they go short circuit. You can check if overheating is causing a problem so you could try adding a cooling fan and or place a large heat sink on top of the case.

You can also contact Spooky2 support and request a price to swap a faulty board for a replacement board. Be sure to state which version of GenX you have.

If your GenX is out of warranty then you could open GenX and use a hair dryer to direct heat onto areas of the printed circuit board and see if it causes the GenX to fail. If that is the case then you could use an infrared temperature thermometer to probe around the general area to find which component has become heat sensitive. If its a capacitor or some other device then perhaps you can find an electronic repair shop that can replace the faulty component. Most of the components are surface mounted devices and require a trained technician with the right equipment to do the replacement. Sourcing the correct or equivalent replacement device may also be a challenge. A grounded anti static mat is recommended when handling components and printed circuit boards (PCB) and PCBs should be stored in anti static plastic bags.

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