Any experiences help autism using Spooky2 Scalar?

1. CBD oil is supposed to help open pathways in the brain. Maybe this may help to flush out heavy metals in the brain.

2. Use your generator to modulate heavy metal detox into the scalar field. Also the MMS 3min program in the molecular weight tab. There is also a lymph & liver/kidney cleanse in the PROV tab. This is essential as the lymph is how the metals will exit the brain. Try using essential oils to help it along. Go slower rather than faster but essential to see it through.

3. I would say CBD is excellent for autism and add type of symptoms add that on the Scalar. Scalar is excellent. It will definitely do healing over time. I can feel it when I am in the field, like a slight healing vibration. At first, my wife was having a hard time sleeping in it but after some days she got used to it. I would also suggest a Tesla violet ray and giving treatments to your son. I use it on my kids also and see differences. All of these things will help him.

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  • Well did it work?


    I have a younger autistic brother.


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