Can anyone help my wife’s cancerous growth in her uterus?

1. You could do biofeedback scans, General, high then low. Load them onto GX. Run this with the scalar.

2. Do her salivary biofeedback scan daily! It is more detailed. Then run that plus the Cancer Protocol through the GX into the field – in between those, run support programs for immune system, lymph system, pain and nutritional support.

3. Change the diet too. Seems her pain may be due to stirring up a lot of pathogens that aren’t happy. I know someone that had to eliminate all grain products & dead/pasteurized sugars to stop making so much insulin that takes away cholesterol for making healing hormones.

4. I’m a big believer in herbs, and wondering if using bloodroot for instance with urine or blood might be a good plan, or b17, or cistus essential oil, or one of the other herbs, or cannabis for the pain etc. What I have been thinking I’m hearing is that it seems to take lots of rife frequencies and scalar. Scalar is slow it is just supplementing our natural life force. Unless it’s used with frequencies and or molecular.

5. I have fibromyalgia and I treat with Scalar. For 2 months I had ups and downs daily sometimes the Scalar treatment increased the pain. I slept in the field every night. The Chakra and Kundalini and sleep programs helped me to have deep sleep. Now I use the scalar just 2 hours 3 times a week the huge pain is gone. I used crystals on the Receiver plate. Some people with cancer reported good results with urine and vitamin C pill on the Receiver plate. In my experience, if you use the Scalar only with GX programs it’s too much for the body so you might want to alter the methods every couple of hours. Using crystals is very relaxing and using the urine with Vitamin C kills cancer cells.

6. Sex organs require a certain level of iodine & selenium. Chances are she is deficient in some nutrient. And I find stress to be tied with all chronic conditions from low functioning gut enzyme. I personally take nascent iodine at times just to make sure my body has sufficient iodine where one drop under the tongue at times is enough. Whatever is causing her problems, I’d start looking at stress and keep changing the diet to correct any imbalance.

7. You should try essential oil frequencies too, Ledum of Groenland (anti tumor, anti métastases), Ravintsara (anti-cancer, anti métastases), frankincense, Nigel oil. Try Laetrile frequency too.

8. From my own experience of healing from cancer and others and from my educations in alternative medicine, psychology and more I can tell you that the most important thing which supports self-healing is working with your own mind. Imagine the healing, feeling your own healing powers and questioning hindering beliefs is key. Your love also needs something to focus on in this life that gives a reason to love living. The stronger this reason is, the more powerful the impulses from the brain are which are changed into the biochemical substances that the body needs to heal itself. No external frequency can provide that. The Spooky2 devices are good tools to support this healing, but it can never replace the frequencies that are sent out by your own brain. The frequencies are a translation of what is going on in your mind. The main work has to come from the mind. Healing works from the inside out and it can be triggered from the outside to support it. Disease is often fear based and you need to find a way to work with her to overcome that fears. You might now search Anita Moorjani and her book “Dying to be me”. You can find more info at Ask yourself what mind working you have done so far and what else you could do. In case you need any support in this, I am always willing to help.

9. Other therapies I found very useful in cancer healing support is a proper cancer diet. You can look at if you have not done already. Bathing in magnesium chloride and sodium bicarbonate could support healing and gives pain relief. To improve the immune system and the immune system of the intestine and to support the body with vitamins and minerals you can give Triphala from Tibetan Medicine in the evening and Chlorella and Spirulana during the day. It also helps the body to detox. Medical Cannabis with low THC and about the same CBD (a hybrid) is supportive for sleep, pain relief and healing.

10. Have you tried TENS around the back (not directly on the zone where the scar tissue is)? Spooky2 TENS Pads and GX are good for that. I would simply use the bioscan and the reverse function for treatment. Although I use Spooky2 Scalar and GeneratorX, I am not an expert in this like others here are. I hope you get a lot of support from all these people as well. Wish you much success in the healing process of your beloved one.

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  • WOW! Thanks for this response! You have so much knowledge! Can I learn from you about this device!??  I want to use it to empower others too! 



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