Can I run “Hunt and kill” using GeneratorX(GX) stand alone

1. Stand alone GX cannot do a Biofeedback scan. It needs to be connected to a computer as described in all the instructional videos.
2. Once you have the frequencies from BFBS you can load it onto the Generator X unit, then run it. But it would not do a hunt and kill and you cannot run the BFB scan itself unless connected to the software.
3. It can work offline, but not for everything. For instance, it can't work with feathering, wobbles or sweeps when in standalone/offline. You will need to connect a computer to run the software and download programs to the GeneratorX to use as a standalone. I also think you need to be connected to a computer for biofeedback scans as the results are stored on the computer, rather than on the GeneratorX. So for full mobile functionality, a laptop would be easier.

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