Can Lyme&Morgellon program be run by using GeneratorX(GX) offline

1. es. With generator X you can put non-sweep programs onto it and let it run without being connected to a PC. However, both my laptop and my GX I have so it can get airflow underneath (i.e. to prevent from getting too hot). The only concern with certain programs is that they are recommended as a sweep to hit the possibility of mutations.

2. 32 of the 78 presets have sweeps in them. As long as you are not using one of these 32, things ought to be OK. The following presets have sweeps: R08, R09, R14, R15, R16, R17, R19, R22, R27, R28, R29, R30, R31, R36, R37, R38, R39, R40, R41, R43, R44, R46, R47, R48, R54, R64, R65, R69, R70, R71, R73, R78.

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