Can I run many different programs at the same time?

1. You can make a custom remote preset containing various relevant programs, but it's best to keep it under 4 hours in length, and then let it loop. In other words, it automatically returns to the beginning after four hours and repeats the same frequencies. The recommended runs = 120 passes, i.e. you allow the preset to run 120 times 24/7.

2. There is some evidence to show that an even shorter preset is more effective. I often make presets of around 2 hours, and let them loop 24/7 until I feel the benefit.

3. Just remember to monitor your reaction and pause if any Herx symptoms become too uncomfortable.

4. You should grade scan them to use only the ones that fit you.

5. You shouldn't load in more than 4 hours worth for remote. Keep it under 4 hours and run a few, then do the next few the next time or load it on a different remote.

6. It may be helpful, when loading multiple programs in one preset, that you check the ‘Remove Duplicate Frequencies’ button at bottom RHS of the programs tab/page. This often reduces the length of time quite significantly.

7. Stick to hunting and killing pathogens instead of fixating on what you have. Let Spooky heal you rather than attempting to analyze everything. Kill those found in BFB scans.

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