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MW EBC-46 aka Blushwood Berry

Experimental Molecular Frequencies for EBC-46 - USE AT OWN RISK -


Molecular Formula: C30H42O10
Molecular Weight: 562.656 g/mol

EBC-46 is an extract from the blushwood berries of Queensland, Australia.


EBC-46 & Humans
An outstanding candidate for a human anti-cancer treatment

EBC-46 is a novel natural product small molecule with anticancer activity being developed as a local treatment for solid tumours in humans and companion animals (dogs, cats and horses). EBC-46 was discovered by applying the EcoLogic™ approach to drug discovery from the tropical rainforests of Far North Queensland. EcoLogic™ was developed by QBiotics' parent entity EcoBiotics.

QBiotics plans to develop EBC-46 as a human pharmaceutical to Clinical Phase II and then seek a development partner for final development and marketing of the drug. QBiotics has already demonstrated very compelling proof-of-concept of the drug's efficacy and safety by successfully treating advanced, spontaneous tumours in companion animals that were considered untreatable with current standards of care. As the principles behind the development of cancer in animals and humans are analogous, it is likely that EBC-46 will have similar effects in humans as in animals.
Potential indications for the drug include:

Testing EBC-46 in vitro against various cancer cell lines, in mouse models of cancer, and in companion animals with cancer, has demonstrated that the drug has broad activity against many different tumour types including:

Skin cancers, such as squamous cell carcinomas (SCC), basal cell carcinomas (BCC) and melanomas;
Head & neck cancers;
Breast cancers;
Prostate cancers; and
Colorectal cancers.

Clinical trials in humans

EBC-46 is currently being evaluated for safety in a Clinical Phase I trial in patients with cutaneous or subcutaneous solid tumours. Such tumours include melanoma, head and neck cancer, SCC and BCC of the skin and Merckel cell carcinoma. In this trial, EBC-46 is delivered locally in a single treatment by direct injection into tumours.

Remote frequencies for EBC-46 sub-harmonics 66-87 (22 frequency steps)

Remote Preset
MW EBC-46 (Blushwood Berry) Remote.txt

Contact frequencies for EBC-46 sub-harmonics 64-87 (24 frequency steps)

Contact Preset
MW EBC-46 (Blushwood Berry) Contact.txt

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