My mother is on deaths door. At the moment she is on a morphine drip and we are just waiting for her to pass. I have been running peace, relaxation etc. Anybody have any other suggestions that might help her go fast and peacefully?

1. Sorry that you are going through this...

The peace, calming, and relaxing programs may help her be more comfortable for the end.

2. Very sorry to hear this. Solfeggio is an interesting one. Schuman is another. I think I'm spelling that one incorrectly but you'll find it if you type in "schum"
Type in "spirit" and some others will pop up.

3. Yes I would use 432 Hrz if anything to naturalise her body so her spirit can release in balance and comfort. 'Go thee free'

4. If she has the will to still fight try Rerum & Bravo and try MW program for Nagalase. It's worth a shot.

For more details, please check the link:

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