Treatment Information for Spooky2 - Johann Stegmann

I've created ebook versions of Johann’s Treat Info, in PDF, EPUB, and AZW3 formats. The forum software forced me to put the EPUB and AZW3 formats into zip archives. I used a combination of, TextWrangler, and Firefox to create these ebooks, as well as scripts I wrote to convert ascii quotes into curly quotes and to create a table of contents.

The EPUB version is readable on most smartphones, including iOS, Android, as well as on PCs using Firefox and the EPUBReader extension. On the latest MacOS you can use iBooks.

The AZW3 version is for Amazon Kindle.

PDF Version:
Treatment Information for Spooky2 - Johann Stegmann.pdf

EPUB version in a zip archive:
Treatment Information for Spooky2 - Johann

AZW3 version in a zip archive:
Treatment Information for Spooky2 - Johann

For more details, please check the link from:                                                  

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    Irene Gomulka

    This ebook of Johann’s Treatment Information is wonderful! Thank you for your effort and posting this.


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    I read Johann Stegmann's reflections regarding treatment of cancer with the rife machine.  We are going through a lot here with late stage 4 breast cancer spread all over and lastly to the liver.  One round of oral chemo after the estrogen suppressing drugs and after rods being placed in fr, both hips and one upper arm.  It has been tough and I just started this but now she is in bad shape.  We hope she will recover.

    I am not an expert by a long shot and I only know what I have been told but one thing jumped out at me from the page regarding a bacteria becoming a virus.  

    QUESTIONS:  Is this correct?  How can it be that I cannot find anything, anywhere stating that this could even be possible?  


    Please respond with your thoughts.

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