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Experimental Molecular Frequencies for Limonin - USE AT OWN RISK -

Chemical Names: Limonin; 1180-71-8; Dictamnolactone; Obaculactone; Citrolimonin; Evodin
Molecular Formula: C26H30O8
Molecular Weight: 470.518 g/mol
The fruit of the lemon—but not the stems or leaves—contains promising cancer-fighting compounds called limonoids. Research shows limonoids can cause apoptosis, a process that causes cancer cells to commit suicide. One limonoid called limonin even stays in your body for up to 24 hours. In comparison, other natural anti-carcinogens like the phenols in green tea and chocolate only stay in the body for just a few hours. Which may explain why citrus limonoids are so strongly anti-cancer.
Limonin is a limonoid, and a bitter, white, crystalline substance found in citrus and other plants.

Ongoing research programs are examining the effects of limonin in human diseases. Citrus seed extracts reportedly have antiviral properties, inhibiting replication of retroviruses like HIV-1 and HTLV-I. Neuroprotective effects of limonin have also been described. Limonin reduces proliferation of colon cancer cells and has been tested as an anti-obesity agent in mice.

Remote frequencies for Limonin sub-harmonics 66-87 (22 frequency steps)

Remote Preset
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Contact frequencies for Limonin sub-harmonics 64-87 (24 frequency steps)

Contact Preset
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