Rife Harmonic Spectrum Sweep Preset.

I've recently sat-through a number of Bedini DVDs on his Bedini-RPX machine and have thought about how to apply a similar method with Spooky2; firstly, with remote and later for contact.


There are a number of things I liked about the videos and yet for me there are still quite a few unanswered questions which sadly I won't be able to ask as JB passed away this November. I hope the work gets continued on and that is another reason for posting this preset.

To keep it inline with John B's wish to keep things 'simple' this is just a single preset for remote that anyone who wants to experiment can run; and 24 hrs later see if they feel different.

About the sweep
Apparently Hoyland told Dr's when treating with the Rife device to sweep all of the audio-frequencies...and that would give better results. That means if someone had cancer they would also receive the TB, and Typhoid and other frequencies as well. Therefore, since we have a list of some of Rife's frequencies we may as well make a sweep that incorporates all of them. To do this, we need to try and get them all in a similar range, and the method chosen was to use harmonics (multiply the frequency) until they all appear close together- this may mean for example that we use the second harmonic of BX but we would use the 16th harmonic for Streptothrix. A convenient place is around ~3.1MHz; and then we make a spectrum sweep.

However, it's a little different in that I am only using a low X value of 10; as previously I experienced little with X=96 and suspected it was too many, or too little power. Recently I have been applying frequencies one at a time, spaced a little out, on multiple generators so here I am giving spectrum another try.

Next, since we are using remote, we need to apply the frequencies for a considerable period of time, and so I've chosen in V1 to make this ~1.5 hrs within the 0.025% MOR tolerance.

Then we have the interesting ideas of a "pump-wave", or how do we get the (usually modulated) RF frequencies into the body, and Bedini had an interesting way of doing this as the final stage of his amplifier using near DC and a 555 timer to let the RF ride ontop of the square wave....
Hmmm, doing this pump with remote seems like a big challenge, but then again, perhaps in the end it all comes back to scalar-waves in any case, so there is really no problem as remote is direct-route to the DNA!?.

What I have discovered is that having a low Hz gate such as 0.6 (or something that comes close to your heart-rate) really makes you "feel" that something is going on; so this gate is applied along with the sweep as a possible delivery improvement.

Any effects so far?
As I said above, this sweep seems quite intense to me (tightness/pulse in forehead). A lot of the time I may be next to the remote so I can't discount that it is a local-effect. I decided to sit-through the intensity but it may be unpleasant for some.

After running it, I did experience cold-like symptoms, and since then dryness in the lips etc.
On the positive side sinus has improved; so I think its worth a try if what you have isn't working and you can spare a generator for 24hrs to run it.

What do you need?
A remote attached to a boost. (either a boost cable or if using boost3 hardware just use the BN or MN output depending on your remote type)
Download the attachment and put it in your \Spooky2\Preset Collections\User folder
Select the preset and run.
Rife Harmonic Sweep V1 (R) - JE.txt

As we are in the experimenters forum here please see the forum-readme; this preset is completely unproven

For more details, please check the link from: http://www.spooky2.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=75&t=6642

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