Apart from creating copied water remedies with the herbals, would there be any way to use frequencies and Rife to inhibit Lyme-triggered cytokines and through that eliminate lyme?

1. I remember the story about the cinnamon factory workers in the US who did not contract the Spanish Flu when it spread through the country. I know that cytokine cascade played a big factor in many Spanish Flu deaths - flooding the lungs with fluid. Cinnamon seemed to inhibit this action. I've been drawn to it lately, even putting it in my coffee. While cinnamon is noted for anti-viral properties, I wonder if it also has a cytokine inhibiting effect. Any thoughts?

As the weather gets colder, my lyme symptoms are beginning to set in. I'd definitely love to find a way to stop this cycle. Maybe we can brainstorm a way through it. I wonder if the way out of this mess is a combination of frequencies and herbs that both kill off the borellia and coinfections as well as inhibit the cytokine cascade - perhaps not enough research has been done in relation to the latter. Time to do a bit of research.

For what it's worth: Mung bean hull and green tea extract seem to help turn off cytokine switch:

2. If you have not yet done so, running the terrain protocols could put an end to all the madness of Lyme. Science reveals pathogens (yeasts, molds, parasites, etc. work symbiotically with one another. In addition pollution, heavy metals, artificial ingredients, preservatives, herbicides, pesticides, create a very hospitable environment for the pathogens to exist.

So though you get some relief, with what you are doing, you are NOT winning the war!

NUKE the battlefield with terrain protocols in Spooky2 and these critters supporting the Lyme will have no home. Then go after the Lyme etc.

3. PEMF and Lyme Disease


But personally i am very interesting in what is the reaction of treating Lyme with the spooky2 Contact mode.

Does have anybody experience with that?

4. A couple of thoughts, check Buhner's books for Argenine as a cytokine inhibitor. Remember to take Lysine or you could get into viral issues with the Argenine. The Baikul Skute (called Huang Qin) is actually a cold herb and could be contributing to your cold issues. It is generally used in a balanced formula. Cinnamon (not cassia) is actually a tonic herb so it needs to be used carefully or you can also be strengthening the microbes but its warming nature could be helping to balance the cold of the Huang Qin. If you are going to do herbs long term you might want to contact Buhner's partner, Julie McIntyre who is a Lyme Literate Herbalist. Remember anything that can help can also do harm if misused.

I forgot to mention, if you are taking your herbs as alcohol tinctures be sure to burn off as much alcohol as you can since the constant introduction of alcohol into your body will act as a liver irritant with all the issues that go along with that.

For more details, please check the link:

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