How to make Cold Laser 380nm 10Hz pulsed?

1. To accomplish what you need, use the boost device.
In order not to damage the lasers due to a voltage greater to that they can stand, use a max amplitude of 5V for each Out.
Anyway, as your outputs are not in sync, the voltage is going to be doubled only during the ultra short (and very few) moments when the two signals have the maximum amplitude simultaneously, so, little chance for that to happen, and when that happens, then the total boosted amplitude would be 10V total.
Be careful not to set amplitudes over 5V for each Out while using the boost device together with the lasers, or they could be damaged.

When creating a program, the command "L" allows you to convert a wavelength to a freq, no matter if you are using contact mode, remote mode, plasma or lasers, because what you get is a frequency, not a colour.
Not sure, but Spooky lasers appear to have a colour (wavelength) about 650nm. You can't change that colour, even if you transmit the frequency for other wavelengths, so, what you get is a laser of 650nm transmitting the freq equivalent to 380nm (ultraviolet).

2. If you want to emit light with a wavelength of 380nm then you have to use another LED for this. So you have to use another hardware to do it. 380nm are in the range of a UV LED. You can use them with the XM generator if you are connect a resistor of ... 330 Ohm in series and use a amplitude of 10V. An UV LED is not a laser LED so it is not a problem to apply a higher amplitude without damage it.

Also using the boost with a 10V amplitude and the original Spooky2 Laser diode (and use the option inverse and sync) then you got a amplitude at the high power output of the boost V3.0 of 20V (because the output1 generate +10V and the output2 will generate -10V and this is added to 20V)

And yes, a amplitude of 20V will destroy the Laser LED that is been used by the Spooky 2 laser.

So this is not a good idea. After using the 20V at the spooky2 laser diode the diode will lit up but they will not produce a laser light anymore, only a red light like a normal red LED will be produced. This is some kind of a problem because you could think: I see a red light so the LED is NOT broken. But it is.

(Tested with a laser diode purchased from eBay that is also used by the Spooky2 team. I think but I am not 100% sure.)

The laser diode needs pulsed DC voltage. So you should avoid the negative part. This is been done by using a 100% offset.

First of all the diode don't work with the wrong polarity, second these diodes can't stand the negative voltage and there can happen a breakthrough through the barrier layer of the diode. This breakthrough would cause a negative current that can damage the diode. And if you apply a negative Voltage at the diode then the diode needs a recovery time (of some nanoseconds) to get from this operating condition to the correct operating condition.

If you use only one output (no boost) of the xm generator, then the output can generate a voltage of +10V or -10V. So you could not damage the laser diode by apply a voltage that is too high.

Also if you set up a amplitude of 20V and a -100% offset then you will NOT get a output voltage of 20V because the XM generator could not generate pulses of 20V (if you use only one Output).

Setup: 20V amplitude -100% offset
Real world : -10V pulses

Setup: 10V amplitude -100% offset
Real world : -10V pulses

So there is no difference.

This is a hardware limitation of the XM generator itself that could not be overridden by any software. So there is a difference between what the software will tell you (i will generate 20V impulses) and the real world output of the XM generator (maximum of 10V impulses). This may be some kind of confusing.

The problem with a voltage too low is that the laser diode needs a minimum voltage to lit up (around ca. 1.5V)

So using only 0.03 or 0.36V is much too low. The laser diode will not work with that low voltage.

A diode is not a linear device like a resistor (or a PEMF coil, or the ultrasonic device, or the Remote. There you can use a low voltage if you want and they will start to work over this low voltage).

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