The original Rife Machines had two frequencies. One frequency was to kill the virus and the other frequency was a carrier frequency to “carry” the first frequency to the inside of the cancer cells. Please would you clarify the use of carrier frequencies?

As I see it the use of a carrier frequency back in the days has only a technical reason.


First you need a high voltage to operate the tube.

To do it they have to use a transformer that generate the high voltage.

Don't forget we are in the 1930er. No high voltage Power MOSFET's and other stuff. No quartz oscillator either. No high voltage diodes etc.

And if you want a small transformer then you have to use a high frequency for this. Or the engineer that has design this thing has decide to use a HF transformer. Maybe he has not understand what Rife need and want. He don't want a tube that lit up and some kind of modulation. He needs a stable frequency output.

So you can operate the tube directly from the output of this transformer and the tube will lit up. This is nice but not the main problem.

After that, and to do it the right way, you have to rectify this output with a high-voltage diode and a capacitor to get a DC voltage... But in the age of 1930 this was very difficult. Because you need also a output power of xxx Watts.

They could use another rectifier tube that could withstand this high voltage. But this is would not be a standard rectifier tube. This was a hard to get and expensive item. If it do exist at all.

I think they want to avoid these problems and do some frequency mixing to get the 1.6 Mhz (MOR cancer BX/BY virus) output that they need.

And if you look at the circuit. Back in the day they use also a LC Oscillator for generating the 3.3 Mhz carrier frequency. This is a very unstable circuit (related to a quartz oscillator today.)

So they generate a frequency for about 3.3 Mhz +- 5% in the real world.

Most all people forget that Rife have to use analog stuff. Also all measured frequencies has got some tolerances because the measurement instruments are also not stable.

So all frequencies may only be within a tolerance for about +-1% if the equipment is correctly calibrated.

In the metrology science we say: A measurement without a added tolerance is not a measurement at all.

I don't think that Rife have done a correct calibration before every measurement he takes. As i said before: These tube driven LC-oscillators are highly unstable.

So as the Spooky2 Central engineers think, i do think the same.

The use of a carrier frequency today is not necessary. We have better equipment so we don't need this.

We can drive the tube with a DC voltage and modulate this directly with the frequency you need. I see it as the right/correct way to do it.

But I may be wrong and there is a magical need of a carrier frequency.

(And the frequencies get inside of the cancer cells because the Spooky2 Central use a square wave to drive the output tube. That is enough. Congratulations to the Spooky Central engineer. He has done it right.)

For more details, please check the link:

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