Has anyone had success for dead bone?

1. Yes, most definitely. My husband had a non-union critical fracture in the ankle which was crushed after a fall from a scaffold. 3 major surgeries and non weight bearing and bed ridden. For many month. Wheel chair with assistance. The doctors had him use a bone stimulator ($5,000.00) for a year with NO results and talk of amputation. I started him on several bone regeneration frequencies and his very next checkup signs of bone growth was detected to all of their shocking surprise. We used it daily for at lest 2 hours minimum with JW healing. The sets also included circulation sets. He now is in regular shoes and walking with no pain. Doctors couldn't figure it out. I was daily dedicated to his wellness.I used plasma and then also ran the done regeneration set 24/7 remotely from the generators which I still do now but not the plasma anymore.

2. I don't see Osteonecrosis KHZ mentioned. Bone death is caused by circulatory problems - these must also be addressed.

For more details, please check the link:

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