What frequencies or preset can I use to detox formaldehyde?

You can try the "Greatest Hits Top 100 (CUST). It's Preset name is Broad Spectrum Antibiotic for Spooky Remote uses. It can be found within the Presets tab menu, in the sub category called Miscellaneous. They prepared this Preset for Contact mode (which can be applied via TENS or Hand cylinders or PEMF coil), then Plasma (Spooky Central) or Remote (Spooky Remote BN/MN). In case for Remote mode, I guess the "white" BN Remote will do the job.

Depending on your overall condition (Vitamin/Mineral deficiencies, diet, lifestyle,...) perhaps it wouldn't hurt to boost your Immune system as well, with the Preset named Immune System Stimulation (R) - JK, which can be found in the category Heal -> Remote... I also highly recommend the Frequencies of Rifing, an excellent overview written by Ing. Marcello Allegretti which supports the Spooky2 database.

In case if you need a certain medicament as frequency then you have to enable the "Load Molecular Weight Database" in the Tab named System, which gives you the list of the Drugsbank.ca. Otherwise get familiar with the already published content on Frequency Vault. You will find a few useful Herbal & Vitamin related frequencies. I would also get the Spooky Colloidal Silver kit to boost the detoxification.

For more details, please check the link:

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