I am dealing with a situation where I am having difficulty grounding my multidimensionality into 3-D. Less anxious, less depressed, less confused, less negative in general, less resentful - I do not know how to get into these states.

There are actually 2 of you and you are being pulled both ways – "As above, so below" – Your body is just a 'Physical Vessel' that you use in this 3rd Dimension to transport/carry around your 'Conscious Self' and 'Ego' (lower) – Your 'Higher Self' 'is king' and knows everything and awaits for your earthbound Soul/Spirit to return to its rightful path one day, and join it, in the ascended 'Higher Dimensions' to become your 'I AM Presence' (an extension of God/Source is what you are) where you merge to become a 'Universal Immortal Being'. In fact, most peoples Souls' are literally trying to remember the pathway 24/7 and screaming to ‘go home'... it is your divine right and purpose in this life-time to find your way home.

In the 'Higher Dimensions' you are a non-physical, but perfect, "Light Being", and you will not feel any illness or discomfort there because you are made from 'Light Energy', and have almost zero 'negative energies' around you (a cause of illness in the physical plain) i.e. outside of the 3D you are a non-Physical entity.... there is only Light Energy (Consciousness) in 5D+ – You are a 'Light Being' (we all are under the bonnet) – I've travelled their quite a few times and I have seen what Humans look and talk like in the Higher Dimensions of Consciousness including myself - You loose some of your senses but gain others telepathy, etc.

In your case, it seems that your Soul/Spirit cannot quite Ascend fully due to a blockage/s (Light Bodies! 7of) and this is affecting you in your current 3D physical reality. However Ascension is possible and preferable whilst your are an ‘Incarnate Human Being’ in this 3D life-time, and you can carry on physically living as normal in 3D, once your Soul/Spirit has fully Ascended to join your ‘Higher Self.’

It is the mission of all Human Souls' to Ascend back to their 'Higher Self' and join the 'God/Source Head' where you were originally born (you are an extension of God/Source Consciousness having a physical experience) so you should not try to stop this Ascension process as your Soul has been waiting 'eons and eons of years' for this! Note: you can also Ascend at the moment of death, but not some time after death, so ‘Incarnate Ascension’ is ‘the way to go’ because you will know you have made it in this life-time!

At this very moment there are HUGE 'photon energies' (Light Messengers) currently coming into the Planet, now that we are in the 'Age of Aquarius' (this will continue for the next 2000+ years), and you are probably feeling this? I also know of another person who has also Ascended last week (there are different levels/plains/dimensions/octaves etc) and this is set to increase for all of Humanity who meet the criteria (your Energy Signature). In fact, the whole of the Planet (a Living Being itself) is set to Ascend at some point in the not so distant future to 5D, so you will not have much choice in the end but to go with the flow.

Your problem is most unusual though in that most people actually want to physically leave the 3rd Dimension! But this is of course not physically possible whilst you are Physically Incarnate in 3D (physically alive). However your Soul/Spirit (Spiritual Light Being) is begging to leave this 3rd Dimension and return to it’s place of birth and it can, as it is not physical which is why you are struggling to operate in the 3rd Dimension.

So, given all of the above information, I would aim to set your Soul (non physical Light) free to Ascend; which will leave you free to physically operate normally in this 3D reality – In your case, it will likely happen very very quickly, almost instantly, once you have removed the blockage/s and/or completed a sequence of needs, and pulled the correct trigger. You must of course also want this to consciously happen! Also, importantly, do not deny your Soul the opportunity to Ascend. This would not be a good move and you must consciously want this to happen! You will not physically die in doing this.... indeed it is the preferred way!

There are a few things you can do either separately, or collectively, as listed below and in order of preference for your case:

1). Divine Healing Codes – Seek out the "Spiritual" codes that "feel" correct to your intuition, and there are many, but go for the obvious codes first that jump out at you like:- 'Open and Heal All Chakras (whole set)', 'Grounding', 'Soul Heal/Repair', 'Negative Energies', 'Meridians', 'Light', 'Protection', 'Health Attunement', 'Love', 'Sovereign', 'Activate True Potential’ (do this one last) etc etc. Here is the link to the information: http://www.spooky2.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=28&t=4105

2). Chakra2 Mirror Frequency Set using Spooky2 (4hrs per day in Remote Mode using a simple Sine or Square Wave using Frequencies Direct)

3). Endocrine System activation – Using Radionics or possibly Spooky2 (Pineal/Thymus/Thalamus/Hippocampus/Pituitary etc)

4). DNA Attunements - Light Bodies & Soul Healing etc – Other

Note: I myself have Ascended (via Consciousness) to an octave in the Spiritual Realm, so I know it is not possible for you to 'physically operate’ in the 3D from a 'Higher Dimension' (5/8/9 etc) plain because your physical body would literally explode/shut-down due to the 'Light Energies' needed to do this – This is why your are having problems, but at the same time, you are being protected by Higher Self (it knows everything) so do not try and go against this protection! – Only an Ascended Divine Avatar/s can do this safely and even they cannot do this now in the 3D due to the global EMF smog we now have on this Planet etc! i.e. we are on our own in this 3D reality and we have to escape (Ascend), it can be done, and it is happening, and you must release/Ascend your Soul/Spirit and things will return to normal for you - You also become 'Spiritually Immortal'.... which is kinda cool.

I hope this helps in some way. It is very difficult to write everything down as everyone is a unique case, but the above may help you in some way.

For more details, please check the link:

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  • Immortality. That is what I seek. This is why I am here. I want to learn more!


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