Are there frequency sets for amyloids?

Based on the data provided by
from your post
I have tried to compile corresponding frequency sets for amyloids, and ended up with these sets/frequencies:

To save the file:
copy file (save attachment) into C:\Spooky2 directory.

To use this file (frequencies):
--> from menu "Database"
--> click "Select Database File"
--> click/select file: XM_Amyloids.csv , and [Open] it.

3 lines (freq. sets) are shown (top, left). I have added dashed 'separator' line : disregard it / don't select it, it just serves as a visual indicator for the end of this file / freq. sets.
If you also have Custom.csv file (in your C:\Spooky2 directory), the frequency sets from your Custom.csv file will be appended (below that 'separator' line).

To revert back to Spooky's main database:
--> from menu "Database"
--> click "Select Database File"
--> click/select the name: 'Frequencies.csv' and [Open] it.

From the info in your post

I've made "Biofilms (Snake)" freq.set.

I haven't had a chance to test if the frequencies in those 3 sets are effective.

(Amyloidosis is covered in the Spooky DB.)

For more details, please check the link:

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