Does advised frequencies from database fit all individuals? Or is it likely to be that slightly different frequencies works best caused by individual conditions? If yes on last, how can you do a scan including the head/brain?

There will always be individual variations when it comes to treating pathogens. Pathogens are evolving just like us, so the different strains may have slightly different frequencies. Frequency wobbling was created to constantly change the frequency a little, so one would have a better chance of hitting the correct frequency. A nice side effect is there would be less chance of the pathogen developing resistance. There are theories that some organisms can adapt to their environment and develop immunity to frequencies or supplements they are often exposed to. Some strains of Mycoplasma are known to be tough.

Frequencies that does not target pathogens, but triggers something, like stimulating an organ, will in general be the same for everyone. Although variations do appear here as well, but rarely and usually for a specific reason. Kidney damage, for example.

In general, a scan will include the whole body, but I cannot be more specific than that without more information.

For more details, please check the link:

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