What frequencies to use on how to release oneself from a codependent relationship. Found something re: the sacral chakra, so will try that.

1. You could maybe experiment with
7.83,174,194.71,396,417,741,852,963,1565 sinus wave remote white 3-5 volt

7.83,Earth resonance grounding
174,Reduce Energetic & Physical Pain
194.71, grounding
396,Transcending Guilt & Fear & Liberating Into Joy
417,Cleansing Trauma & Facilitating Change
741,Detoxifying Cells & Solving Problems
852,Rasing Intuitive Awareness & Returning to Spiritual Order
963,Return to True Nature & Oneness
1565, spiritual wellbeing
essential oil grounding and others.

2.Other possibilities...
Emotion Abnormal Behavior
Emotional Balance 1
Emotional Patterns Break
Emotional Patterns Release
Unconditional Love
DNA Integrity Stimulate

...any frequency with Balance.

Essential OIls:

To ponder: http://energymedicinedna.com/chakra-four/

3.The Divine Healing Codes, shared by Reikidoc on her website.
Doctors with reiki. There are AWESOME codes there for self and relational healing. And I feel the shift of energy.

I would add more, but my computer is working out and I am unable to post links right now. Do a search here on Spooky2 forum for Divine Healing Codes.

For more details, please check the link:

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