Songs of the Spine Freqs converted.

I have prepared a spreadsheet for doing the conversion:

For chewing all data, I have utilized the classic formulas you can find everywhere, and, what is more important, the data from this incredible site:

Swiss people are methodical and very precise (that's why the best watches are swiss made), and this database is totally stunning.

The process for converting the freqs are as follows:
The tuning fork freq is converted to wavelength using the speed of sound through vertebraes. Then, using the permeability for body tissue, and the permittivity for the vertebrae, the speed of Electromagnetic waves is computed. Unfortunately, this propagation speed is directly related to the frequency of the wave, so I had to compute this speed for various frequencies. Then, the Frequency for remote is calculated, taking into account the wavelength for the sound waves and the propagation speeds. Same thing for contact, except this needs a specially painful iteration to get its final speed, due to the discrete steps of the frequency, and the fact that you need the propagation speed to compute the freq, but the freq is needed to compute the propagation speed.

You can further investigate on this here:

Also, here: Charlene Boehm uses a similar approach to calculate the diffraction of the human body, but she uses averages instead, as it can't be known where the pathogen is.

In this case, the precise data for the vertebraes, allowed me to calculate the freqs without using averages, which further increases the precision.

I have prepared a series of presets for remote and contact for each of the sections of the spine. Download the txt files, and place them into you\Spooky2\Presets Collection\Users folder
As the resulting frequencies are inside the generator's range, I preferred not to transpose them down, and use a WCM instead.
A boost is used.

I know that all this sounds a bit complex for many people, but precise (and well known) physics formulas must be used in order to compute frequencies. I also know that if we were using a crystal ball instead of Spooky2, all the formulas would be reduced to cero, and thus, the physics calculations would be a lot more easy, but this is not the case, and the calculator must be dust off . Thankfully, the difficult-to-get skills to use a crystal ball are no needed here.

MM_SofS Cervical (Contact).txt
MM_SofS Cervical (Remote).txt
MM_SofS Lumbar (Contact).txt
MM_SofS Lumbar (Remote).txt
MM_SofS Thoracic (Contact).txt
MM_SofS Thoracic (Remote).txt

For more details, please check the link:

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