How to use Molecular weight frequencies (vitamins, minerals, antibiotics)? Can I run them 24/7? Would I be overdosed?

1. Recently Nicola Alexandra Hadju submitted quite a few presets to the forum based on the active chemical ingredient of many healing substances. Many of those posts contained a single preset, but others were a combination of presets. Bryan wrote a program that takes those multiple element presets and combines them into a single preset.

For more details, please check this blog:

2. Pharmaceutical drugs are man-made chemicals which are unknown in nature. This allows them to be patented. While many believe that using drugs’ frequencies rather than their physical substance allows beneficial effects without nasty side effects, we know of no research that shows this to be true.

You should therefore exercise EXTREME CAUTION when experimenting with these frequencies, and in no case should a drug program ever be set to run non-stop remotely. Drug frequencies are most safely used in Contact or Plasma Mode because these modes’ effectiveness is more immediate, so any concomitant side effects will become apparent much quicker, allowing experimenters to make a more informed choice, and either stop or tailor their safe use.

Also keep in mind to run Adverse Drug Reaction XTRA to deal with the side effects of the drug(s) on the same generator. This is very important.

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