Using the Spooky calculator I get 2.5 hours to make 1 liter of 20ppm cs. Reading previous posts and comments, I see some people run it for 24 to 48 hours. Can someone clarify that?

I just tried, using the Spooky Calculator, if you would like to make 1 liter of 20ppm colloidal silver, it would take 25 hours. If you run it for 48 hours, you would get 38.5ppm colloidal silver. The more time you run, the higher ppm you will get.

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  • for 500ML 20PPM total run time is 12 hours 30 min but in actual total time taken is about 1 hour 30 Min. 

    I have been give to understand that the total run time is just an estimate & not the actual time taken. AM I RIGHT - please advise 


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