The chemical equation for photosynthesis.

This idea needs to be tested by everyone who is interested to treat plants with Spooky2.
Molar mass of CO2 (Carbon dioxide) is 44.0095 g/mol
= 131.190152,16792.339573 (Remote) - 46.3283,5930.023287 (Contact)

Molar mass of H2O (Water vapor) is 18.01528 ± 0.00044 g/mol
= 53.702662,6873.940837 (Remote) - 18.96448,2427.453843 (Contact)

Molar mass of C6H12O6 (Glucose) is 180.1559 g/mol
= 537.035868,68740.591211 (Remote) - 189.64809,24274.956141 (Contact)

Molar mass of O2 (Oxygen) is 31.99880 ± 0.00060 g/mol
= 95.386847,12209.51648 (Remote) - 33.68477,4311.651556 (Contact)

For Chlorophyll a - I used the Molecular Mass on this website:

2663.446662,340921.172863 (Remote)
940.56582,120392.425685 (Contact)

Preset & Waveform, please check the attachment:

For more details, please check the link:

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