Are there frequencies for Fulvic acid, Fulvic acid 2, Humic acid and Humic acid sodium salt?

Fulvic acid - C14H12O8:
918.860189,117614.104214 (Remote)
324.485,41534.080099 (Contact)

Fulvic acid 2 - C7H6O2:
364.04265,46597.459314 (Remote)
128.55751,16455.361544 (Contact)

Humic acid - C187H186O89N9S1
11970.285045,1532196.485851 (Remote)
4227.1697,541077.721894 (Contact)

Humic acid sodium salt - C9H8Na2O4:

674.109226,86285.980953 (Remote)
238.05398,30470.91051 (Contact)

I used the MM Calculation Spreadsheet to get a result for Remote & Contact mode treatments, because I want us to get the maximum out of Spooky2. Manuel Mallo wrote a detailed explanation on this thread:

Presets & Waveform, please download this file from:

Locate your C: drive for Spooky and copy all eight text files in your Presets folder and then copy the MM_ModSquare.csv to your Waveforms folder.

For more details, please check the link:

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