I am going for eyelid surgery 1/31/24. Any recommendations on pre and post programs?

1. Healing and regeneration, dna repair, any healing programs

2. Yes, use the programs in this order; calming x3, adrenal gland balance, anger & irritability (great for anxiety, emotions, BP reg etc) preparation for surgery, surgical pain post op, eye inflammation x2, accelerated injury healing, adhesions, analgestic pain relief (xtra 90=1800) see pic I’d start this a day+ before procedure.
It’s what I’d use, I use this every time adjusting obviously for type of procedure. And, Prayer! - I’ve found all these work really well.
Set -0- to repeat & change as needed when you get home & vision is good.
-Your body will use what it needs.
These many days prior you could take out the ones you feel you don’t need now (pain, post op, anxiety) run some healing, skin + facial, skin collagen building programs & after run too, with skin scar tissue healing etc. just take a good look through programs if any resonate with you for after with symptoms choose those.

More information here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/spooky2/posts/2678323775662842/

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