What's the Spooky2 Cold Laser for?

Cold laser therapy can stimulate most cell types, including muscle, ligament, cartilage, nerves, and many more. Cold laser therapy is useful for:

    Bone regeneration
    Carpal tunnel syndrome
    Dental pain
    Dentin hypersensitivity
    Elbow disorders
    Herpes labialis
    Knee osteoarthritis
    Musculoskeletal dysfunction
    Myofascial pain syndrome
    Neurological dysfunctions
    Pain relief (e.g. acute and chronic low back pain/neck pain, orthodontic pain, shoulder pain)
    Patella-femoral pain syndrome
    Physical therapy (including rehabilitation following carpal tunnel release)
    Recurrent aphthous stomatitis/ulcers
    Rheumatoid arthritis
    Shoulder impingement syndrome
    Temporomandibular joint disorders
    Wound healing (including diabetic ulcers and gingival healing)

Spooky Cold Laser Twin

Spooky Cold Laser Wrist


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