Can I use Cold Laser to heal dental problems? Should I use Spooky Cold Laser Wrist or Spooky Cold Laser Twin?

Yes, you can use laser products for dental problem. We would recommend laser twin because you can get it inside your mouth, and also it has covers to help keep clean.

Here is some relevant reading:
Facial Pain/Neuralgia

Laser therapy can be used very effectively for facial pain treatment, either acute or chronic. A major complaint a lot of patients have after long dental appointments is facial pain and muscle tension.11 Application of the laser to the masseter muscle after the appointment will reduce or eliminate the muscle trismus and joint pain. In chronic TMJ cases, laser therapy can be used in conjunction with other therapeutic tools to reduce the pain and muscle tension, while stimulating healing within the joint.
Dentin Hypersensitivity/Endodontics

LLLT can assist with pain and inflammation after endodontic procedures and surgery, treat pulp hyperemia, help diagnose irreversible pulpitis and reduce the need to post-operative analgesics. Further, laser irradiation is very effective in treating dentine hypersensitivity. A recent study demonstrated that combining laser therapy with a chemical agent produced an average success rate of more than 85%.12

Soft Tissue Lesions

Soft tissue lesions, such as herpes lesions, denture sores, angular chelitis and lichen planus, respond very well to LLLT. Research has indicated that LLLT can prevent cold sores from erupting if treated in the prodromal stage (when the tingling starts) and speed the healing in cases where the sore has erupted.

Clinically, light therapy can be used with ease in a dental office. Because laser therapy is non-invasive and has no significant side effects, the treatments can frequently be done by the auxiliary staff and easily integrated into the practice.

Light therapy uses the body's own natural resources to provide pain relief, muscle relaxation, wound healing and nerve. Low Level Laser Therapy offers a dentist the opportunity to better manage treatments that are often deemed painful by patients while enhancing their practice with improved clinical treatments and patient satisfaction.

Is Low Level Laser Therapy Safe?

One of the most interesting and useful aspects of LLLT is the safety. Lasers only elicit responses from cells that can utilize the energy produced, thus will have no negative effect on healthy cells.13 In the hundreds of studies done on laser therapy, no clinical side effects have been reported. This puts lasers in the public domain and with very basic training, can be used by the whole dental staff.


A huge benefit of Low Level Laser Therapy is that patients see their dental practitioner doing something extra to reduce the pain or discomfort that may have been caused during the appointment. The very nature of what dentists do causes pain and inflammation. LLLT requires a paradigm shift; instead of using drugs to treat the pain after it has started, a dentist now has the opportunity to treat the pain immediately in the dental office. In an aging population that is becoming wary of the over-prescription of pharmaceuticals which often carry negative and harmful side effects, laser therapy is an effective alternate or adjunctive tool to achieve improved clinical effects. It is a benefit to the patient and dentist to investigate Low Level Laser Therapy, an untapped resource in the dental industry.

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